Please note, photographs of my paintings are low resolution to protect them for copyright reasons, the colours in the original painting are more vibrant in reality. For the most up to date pieces that I am working on follow my facebook page.

‘Gateway to heaven’ *Sold*

14×18 inch acrylic on canvas board.

‘St Mary’s Cathedral’ 16x12inch watercolour paint on acid free smooth watercolour paper.
‘The cottages Adare’
10x14inch acrylic on canvas board.
‘Our walk in the woods’
16×16 inch oil on canvas
‘Butterflies and Bees in the Meadow’ . Oil on 20inch x 30inch canvas.
‘Lahinch from the sand dunes’ For sale
Oil on 18inch x 24inch canvas.
‘In Butterfly Dreams’ *sold*
‘Curraghchase’ oil on 16 x 20 inch canvas.
oil painting *Sold*

‘Bunratty Castle’ *SOLD*

I have very fond memories of working as an entertainer in this castle for a number of years, and have always loved the architecture of this 15th century building. I really enjoyed doing this painting and using lots of colour to show how it nestles into the beautiful landscape and nature that surrounds it.

This is oil on 40x40cm canvas.

‘Sunset on the Shannon Reimagined’ *Sold*

It started out as an observation painting I did based on a photograph I took of the sun setting on the Shannon. At the time the natural colours in the sky were so vibrant it was difficult to believe it was real.

Then during lockdown when we were allowed to go beyond 5km for exercise, I did a lot of hiking over the summer months, took many photos of beautiful scenery and houses nestled in hillsides and valleys surrounded by natural beauty.

I eventually returned to this painting and added to it from my imagination, an image of a place and home that could be tucked away in the hills anywhere in Ireland, surrounded by our natural beauty that I saw so often on my hill walking expeditions.

Original painting is 18 x 14 inchs on canvas board.

‘Limerick Treaty Stone’ By Louise Harrison

‘Limerick Treaty Stone’ *SOLD*

I love painting King John’s Castle and the Treaty Stone, I love playing with the reflections on the water and using vibrant colours, and reflections in the river.

Oil on canvas 14x18inch.

‘Lovers on Ha’Penny bridge Dublin’ For Sale

I painted this during our last lockdown. This was an angle of the bridge that I had previously painted when I was 13 years old, and won third place between the UK and Ireland in the Understanding Electricity competition while I was at school.

I had fun creating more detail and shadows in this version of the painting.

Oil on 16×12 inch canvas.

‘King John’s castle’ For Sale

I really enjoyed tackling this angle of King John’s castle and all the challenges it brought up.

Oil on canvas board 40x50cm

‘Limerick Treaty Stone’ *SOLD*

I enjoyed painting the Treaty stone from a slightly different angle, I added clouds to this one so I could play with the reflections in the Shannon a little more.

Oil on 14×18 inch canvas.

‘Wat Suwan Khiriwong’ *SOLD*

‘Wat Suwan Khiriwong’ was a commissioned painting that I worked on over a number of months. It is a Buddhist temple in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, which is high up in the Mountains. It was a challenging piece, I found I had to put it to one side a few times, work on other projects and return to it with fresh eyes. This is one of my largest paintings to date, oil on canvas 18 x 24 inchs.

However pushing through the challenges of the piece reawakened my love of drawing and painting architecture surrounded by nature, which I used to love capturing when I was younger.

‘Moonlight on King John’s Castle’ by Louise Harrison

‘Moonlight on King John’s Castle’ *SOLD*

‘Moonlight on King John’s castle’ oil on canvas. I love this castle, built in 1210 in such a beautiful location in Limerick, the reflections on the Shannon by day and night are always beautiful. I was lucky enough to spend some time in this building when I worked as an entertainer with Shannon Heritage, and a couple of years ago I saw an outdoor play in the courtyard on a beautiful summers day, it was magical. 30 x 40 cm canvas.

‘Sunset at Castleconnell’ For Sale

I painted Sunset in Castleconnell from a photograph that a friend had taken, they allowed me to use it. They captured such a beautiful scene, the colouring in the original photograph was so vibrant I wanted to capture this in my painting.

I loved the haystacks in the field, and the post that was dead centre of the painting with the ivy growing on it and the light shining on it, it created such natural perspective that I really enjoyed capturing. A beautiful scene that was naturally framed by nature.

Original oil painting is 51 x 41 x 2 centimetres on canvas.

‘Palawan, the Philippines’ *SOLD*

This oil on 18×24 inch canvas was a commission piece which I worked on for a number of months. I haven’t been there but it looks like a little piece of heaven.

‘Wild Swans at Castle Oaks’ For Sale

Wild Swans at Castle Oaks I painted in July 2020. I went for a walk by the beautiful stream that runs behind the Castle Oaks Hotel in Castleconnell, when I came across this peaceful beautiful scene of what looked like a little family of swans gliding across the water, they were naturally framed by the nature that surrounded them. I stood for a few moments and watched the scene and took photos. I wanted to capture the stillness and beauty of nature in this oil painting.

Original oil Painting is 30 x 30 x 2 centimetres on canvas.

‘Robin at Sunset in Ireland’ For Sale

I love Robins, their curiosity and the idea that they are a sign that a loved one that has passed is letting you know they are nearby. This 12×10 inch oil on canvas.

‘Sunset in Monaco’ For Sale

I painted Sunset in Monaco in July 2020. I had been staying with a friend who is living in Cannes and we took a day trip to Monaco. The sunset was breath-taking, afterwards I was so glad I had taken this photo.

Sometimes nature is so beautiful I find it’s difficult to fully absorb it at the time, but when I found this photo on my phone the beauty of the colours in the sky took my breath away again and took me back to the exact moment I had taken it, peaceful, still and vibrant, I really wanted to capture this and the calmness of that exact moment in this painting.

Original oil Painting is 30 x 25 x 2 centimetres on canvas.

‘Castle View’ For Sale

I painted Castle View in May 2020. I have always admired Constable’s paintings and here I experimented with similar colours that he used.

I loved experimenting with perspective in this painting and using the distant castle as a focus point. I feel that castles always add a touch of magic to a scene. Growing up I always loved architecture and this was reinforced when I worked as a Bunratty Castle Entertainer in the 12th century castle in Co Clare which fuelled my imagination and still does to this day.

Original oil painting on canvas board is 50 x 40 centimetres.

‘Mungret Park’ *SOLD*

The original of this painting has been sold. I painted it from a photograph I had taken while on a walk last summer. I enjoyed creating the moody cloudy sky, the Abbey ruins and then the contrast with the cows and vibrant roses and grass.

‘Lahinch’ For Sale

I painted this oil painting in May 2020 during lockdown from a photo I had taken during one of my previous trips to Lahinch. I love sea swimming and have really missed that this year. I hoped to capture the freshness of the Atlantic sea on a mild day, and hope the viewer can imagine being there and listening to the sea running through the rocks as it does in Lahinch when the tide is in.

Original of this is painting is 16x 12 inchs.

‘Smiling Missy at Lahinch’ *SOLD*

This painting is of my Westhighland Terrier Missy, from a photo I took of her at Lahinch beach in Co Clare, Ireland, a few years ago. I couldn’t give the original of this away, it makes me smile too much, so it is hanging in my kitchen.

‘The Secret Garden Rose’ For Sale

I painted The Secret Garden Rose in February 2020. This acrylic painting is partly from observation and my imagination. For the Rose I painted it from a photo I had taken of roses in my garden on a previous occasion.

The background I imagined as a secret garden, behind a castle wall that hadn’t been seen in years. A hidden gem that the viewer of the painting now gets to see. Castles always add a touch of magic to a scene for me. Growing up I had a fascination with architecture and then I worked as a Bunratty Castle Entertainer for a number of years in the beautiful 12th century castle in Co Clare, a magical time in my life that fuelled my imagination and still does to this day.

Original is 14.5 x 10 inchs.

‘Dew Drops on Roses’ For Sale

Dew Drops on Roses I painted in July 2020. I love painting flowers and capturing their vibrancy and colour. In this painting I enjoyed experimenting with shading and highlights and especially the dew drops. I painted the background in a dark colour in order to highlight the roses more. I also enjoy focusing in on certain elements of an image and allowing the rest of the image to spill off the canvas, letting the viewers imagination take over.

Original painting is 13x 9 inchs.

‘Camelia Bloom’ For Sale

I painted this Camelia blossom in June 2020 from a photo I took in my garden. I enjoyed experimenting with shade and colour and I painted the background dark so as to highlight the bloom.

Original is 10x 14 inchs on textured paper.

‘Missy and Tux at Christmas’ For Sale

Missy and Tux at Christmas is my most recent painting, It started out as a landscape and turned into a Christmas scene with my two pets Missy and Tux in it. Missy is a Westie sitting outside watching the house were Tux my cat is sitting on the windowsill. I loved experimenting with colour, texture and the snow and sky in this painting.

Original painting is 14 x 10 inchs oils on canvas board.

‘Missy and Tux shopping’ For Sale

I was feeling the Christmas vibe earlier this year and wanted to paint something festive. The cat and dog in this oil painting Missy and Tux Shopping are my pets. Missy is a 9 year old Westie and Tux is a cross between a tuxedo Maincoon and Ragdoll, he is just 10 months old but is already bigger than Missy. I have endless hours of fun and laughter watching them playing and chasing each other. My imagination get carried away as I wonder what they could get up to, what adventures they might go on together. Here I imagined them window shopping for their own Christmas toys.

Original oil painting on canvas 30 x 25 cm.

‘Husky, Snowman, Tux’ For Sale

This Painting evolved over time. I started painting it in August then I wanted to experiment with snow scenes. And over the last few months watching my kitten Tux, who gets up to all sorts of mischievous and playful ventures, inspired me to imagine this scene, him inside the window of my house, comfy and cosy watching a Husky outside, who has his head stuck in the snow looking for his red ball that he was playing with. Tux would probably want to be out there exploring too.

Original oil on canvas 12 x 9.5 inchs.